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That moment when it's your nap time but you have to finish eating and getting prepared for your first certificate preparation classes. My life is a joke.
Red pearl (Gemsona adoptable)
((I'ts been so long since i did an adopt. Here's anew one :D))

This Pearl Price is 15 points


Base by: The-Panda-Lover
Steven Universe belongs to rebecca sugar
((Yeah, i'm bored, ok?))

1:  What got you into Hetalia?

-I can't remember exactly, I just remember watching this anime in some anime crack compilation, then one thing lead to the other and.. boom, I became a Hetalian!

2:  What month and year did you first start watching it?

- Like said before, don't rememer, but i think it was on 2012

3:  Who is your favourite character currently?

-Japan, Spain and Russia

4:  If you could have one ship become canon, what pairing would it be?

-SpaPan (Or SpaJap, or Nanban trade, whatever the names are) and RusAme

5:  Do you like Hetalia yaoi?

-Yes, most of my favourite ship are male/male

6:  How has Hetalia affected history for you?

-Not much, really. Once my frind and I drew finland mochi and sweden mochi on an Europe map on Geography class, but hthat's it.

7:  What do you prefer and why: Axis or Allies?

-In Hetalia both, in real life, none (I'm against wars)

8:  Hetalia OTP?

SpaPan, GerIta, RusAme, SpUK, Portugal/romano, Portugal/Netherlands...

9:  Do any of your friends like Hetalia?

-I was the one who introduced Hetalia in my group of Friends.
One of them also drew us the carácter we were more similar to, so yeah. I've got pretty cool Friends (Love ya guys <3)

10:  Are you caught up with all of the episodes?

-Surprisingly, yes. I've even watched the movie

11:  Do you read any fanfics and if so, what's your favourite one?

-Yeas I do. But, I can't choose one, there are many good ones out there...

12:  How have you contributed to the fandom?

-As many on here, doing MMD pics.

13:  What popular ship do you not like?

-Rochu (Just... no), FrUK and Frain (France/spain, i can't see those 2 together as lovers, that's all)

14:  What unpopular ship do you like?

-i don't know if Rusame is that unpopular, tbh

15:  Who was the first character you instantly fell in love with?

-Russia (love my yangire boy so much)

16:  What episode gave you the most feels?

-The Davie one. Why Hima-chan? WHY???

17:  What episode gave you the most laughs?

-I can't choose, so many

18:  What is your favourite episode in general?

-If the film count as a long-ass episode, that one.

19:  Thoughts on HetaOni? Have you played it?

-Yes, i've played it. i feel disapointed that the developpers didn't finish it. But the fanmade endings are great.

20:  Is Germany the Holy Roman Empire?

-Maybe yes, maybe not.

21:  Any character you don't like in particular?

-Err... England and america (I don't hate them, but... I can't stand them)

22:  Who would be the one character you would love to meet?


23:  Do you recognize Sealand as a country?

-Yes I do

24:  If you could ask Himaruya one question only, what would it be?

- Where did you get the inspiration to make Hetalia

25:  Look at the country you are currently living in. If they are an official Hetalia character, how do you feel about that character, as well as the country itself?

-  like how is spain portrayed, but, i have to say that not everyone in Spain is as polite and Happy-go-lucky as him.

26:  What are some Hetalia OC's (Original Characters) you have made up?

-The micronation Andorra.

27:  What are some of your biggest headcanons?

-Spain and Japan close frindship, America and Russia space battle, and France being Pansexual.

28:  What is the one thing about the fandom that irks you the most?

-The ship battles, like, ok if you hate a ship, but don't start throwing shit at their shippers, please.

29:  Your favourite seiyuu/voice actor in the Sub or the Dub?

-Todd Haberkorn (Italy english voice actor) and Patrick Seitz (Geramny english voice actor)

30:  Is Hetalia the biggest fandom you are in? If not, what is?

-Yes it is

31:  How much has Hetalia taken over your life?

-Well, it helped me in my most dark moments, so, it helped me alot 

32:  Do you think Prussia is awesome?

-Heck yeah XD

33:  Personality-wise, which character are you like the most? 

-Canada and Japan

34:  Any crack pairings?

-Spain/japan and Portugal/Romano (And Spain/Russia)

35:  Will you ever leave the Hetalia fandom?

-I don't know

36:  Are you glad that you started watching Hetalia?

-Yes, indeed. i've made really good friends through  and it has helped me alot.

37:  What did you do before starting to watch Hetalia?

-Play Inazuma Eleven and read Fushigi Yuugi.

38:  Have you read the Web Comic, watched the Anime, both, or neither?


39:  What is the thing in general that you absolutely love about Hetalia?

-The characters, humor and kind and nice people of the fandom

40:  If you could have one wish granted that was Hetalia-related, what would it be?

-That the representations of countries existed in real life. It'd be hilarious.

I tag these two lovely people: :iconbequeme: and :iconfuckner-san: and the people that wanna do it.

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Sakura Amane
Hey, peeps. It's Sakura here. A normal girl that likes anime, manga, drawing, video games and MMD.
Wishing to become a Geneticist or a videogame designer.
You may think i'm a very friendly person, but, actually, I'm an asocial person and INFP. also thinking I'm becoming a Mysantropist
My hobbies includes Reading, listening to music, imagine things, make MMD models, pics and vids and watching Spainsh youtubers
Also a bit obsessed with Javier Fernández ((Spanish ice skater))
With that, I hope you enjoy your stay.

Have good day/afternoon/evening/Night/midnight



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